Friday, October 12, 2007

Second Life Forum with Metanomics

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in an event put on by Rob Bloomfield of Cornell's Johnson School of Management and Metanomics. The purpose of the forum was for me to answer questions from an audience of 70+ Second Life residents, moderated by Bloomfield.

For my part, it was a good, productive discussion. Questions covered a wide range of territory. Taxes were an obvious concern, but participants also asked about regulation and the form and likelihood of intervention by the federal government. I was impressed by the quality of the questions and the discussion that took place by chat in the background. By far my favorite comment from the chat log was by Dizzy Banjo: "yay geeks in congress :D"

You can read more in this Reuters article. Video of the event is available online if anyone is interested. Jim Rapp of has posted some photos (including the one used here).