Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Second Life Nationalities

A new study from comScore estimates that 61% of active Second Life residents are European. As reported by Reuters, Germany alone has (slightly) more active SL users than the United States.

  • Germany 209,000 (16.3%)
  • United States 207,000 (16.1%)
  • France 104,000 (8.1%)
  • Britain 72,000 (5.6%)

comScore also found that the number of U.S. residents in SL grew by 92% from January to March. The European growth rate was a relatively paltry 32%.

comScore's figures differ somewhat from Linden Labs own numbers released for March. Those numbers show that close to 27% of active residents were in the U.S., compared to 13.5% from Germany, 8.2% from France and 6.7% from the U.K.